FINALLY! After years of highs and lows, with these last few months being more lows than highs, I can finally walk away.

The decision to begin the job search wasn’t necessarily a difficult one, I was just lazy. I knew financially, this wasn’t going to get me where I want to be later in life. I just got comfortable with it. I mean, who likes job hunting, updating resumes, and having the task of filling out applications. Even those pre-filled moments once your resume was uploaded had issues.

When I would get called for an interview, I’d get excited at the potential, but once there, something would always not feel right, either on my end or their end.

Finally, after submitting my resume 6 weeks prior I get a phone call.It lasted a good 30  minutes. Did I feel guilty that I was on the job taking a phone call about a potential job? No. Something about this conversation felt right. Even when I explained my novice skills in excel, it happens, she still wanted to bring me in for another round. Phone call on a Friday. Face to face interview the following Friday. Long week ahead. And who knew the week from hell would spring upon me. It was torture up until Friday morning. Everyday at work that week seemed impossible to get though. Getting thrown under the bus by your boss doesn’t help either.

Friday’s interview went better than expected. All things pointed to me. The only thing standing in my way…the fact that the place I am currently at does business with this potential job, and while they really want me as a part of the team, I needed to talk to my boss to make sure relationships wouldn’t be damaged if I was selected. My mindset: This lady always finds a way to interfere. Left the interview feeling great minus having to talk to the boss. Scheduled a meeting for Monday so that I had time to get my words straight. It was no secret that I was looking for a job, we had this discussion several times beginning after I had gotten engaged.

Monday’s meeting went better than expected. Of course she attempted some road blockage, but I worked it. Green light. Now we wait.

Late Wednesday afternoon, received an email asking if I could stop by the potential job on Friday…yay for still in the running. Thursday at work, boss lady said she was contacted by potential job. Later, meeting for Friday got pushed back…

Let me add that once I received the email for the Friday evening, the husband made the assumption that it was a done deal. Started with the congratulatory speech. WAIT! There isn’t an official offer. And apparently that is what my dad read into it as well.

Friday’s meeting was super long and everything pointed to me, but they had several more checks to do and before end of business I would receive a call if I was the one.

Three hours later: When can you start???!?!?! Yay for the long awaited call.

Notice went out to hr and boss lady. HR lady attempts to make me feel guilty for leaving and what would boss lady say…My response, boss lady is well aware of my attentions and has never been kept in the dark about anything. (seriously, how many people actually keep their boss aware of what is going on).

What am I most excited about…the travel. While it may not be to some of my most favorite places, that very fact that I will not always be walking into the same office every Monday-Friday excites me. I hear that part of my territory is Dallas- I think H&M shopping. I hear Missouri and I think of the friends I have there and how close St. Louis is from Chicago and Michigan Ave and deep dish pizza. A